Sunday, 30 November 2014

Dear LIB readers: I want to leave my girlfriend because she had sex with me

From a male LIB reader. I never hear this kind one before Abeg read below...

My girlfriend and I have dated for two years now and for the period we have been together, she has NEVER said no to my sexual advances, as in never. She gives me her body at will and never hesitates. Last Sunday in Church my Pastor while preaching said that a woman who really loves you and would be faithful in marriage would not give you her body at all while you are dating and if at all she gives it to you, it would be after a "battle". Now am having a rethink because even me sef am wondering "why would she not ever say no to giving me her body? Does she respect her body at all or is it blind love? Would she be ever faithful? Is my Pastor right?

Lol. Nothing wey person no go hear. Oya, over to you guys...

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