Sunday, 29 June 2014

It's all-white for Cheryl Cole, in white Stella McCartney

Cheryl Cole hits another fashion high at the X Factor auditions here. Well, she had to look amazing didn't she, she was in her home town after all! And this white Stella McCartney dress certainly was a good choice!
When you're sat behind a judging desk all day, you want the top half of the dress to have something to it, and this one offered plenty.

Not only is it finished with an all-over snake effect, making it perfect for camera, but the roll neck and the big hoop sleeves give it some subtle elegance and modern edginess. What's more, when she turns around you'll notice the lovely tie detail at the neck, another lovely feature.
Cheryl is a fan of Stella McCartney's designs, wearing something from the British designer only last week at another round of X Factor auditions. Her dresses are always cut to flatter the female body, yet remain cool and sophisticated.

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