Saturday, 14 February 2015

Google continues Android campaign with an ad about handshakes

Google’s previous Android ad employed cute animals, but the latest installment in the company’s “Be Together. Not The Same” campaign for its mobile OS is really different from that. No animals to be seen here, well, at least not as many animals.

This ad is called “Handshake” and it really is all about the handshake. Or fist bump. Or plenty of other ways in which people greet each other nowadays.

So it probably won’t win any accolades for cuteness like the past promo video, but this ad keeps the general idea going – you don’t have to be identical to those around you to be together with them. Or something like that.

This campaign is all about praising Android’s diversity, though it is interesting to note that only two phones and one tablet can be seen in this ad, and they all appear for very brief periods of time. It remains to be seen whether promoting a mobile OS without actually showing it is going to work.


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