Sunday, 22 February 2015

LG G Flex2 battery life test

The LG G Flex2 will be staying under the spotlight for a while as it is not only a curved smartphone with self-healing coating on its back, but it is also the first device to utilize the new Snapdragon 810 chip. Performance aside, what this blogpost is all about, is its battery life.

The G Flex2 is powered by a non-removable 3,000 mAh battery, which is about 15% less than its predecessor. The Snapdragon 810 chipset supports fast charging by default and the provided charger can replenish 60% of the Flex2′s battery in half an hour.

We were all eager to check how the S810 hardware does in the battery department and as usual we kicked off our battery routine with the 3G call test. The LG G Flex2 packed enough juice to last almost 18 hours – 7 hours less than its predecessor, but a very good score nonetheless.

Talk time

  • Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 LTE 46:44h

  • LG G2 mini 18:11h

  • Oppo Find 7a 18:11h

  • Samsung I9505 Galaxy S4 18:03h

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 18:02h

  • Samsung Galaxy A5 Duos 18:02h

  • LG G Flex2 17:51h

  • Sony Xperia ZR 17:48h

  • HTC One (E8) 17:47h

  • Nokia Lumia 735 17:30h

  • Samsung Galaxy Note II N7100 16:57h

  • HTC Desire 700 dual sim 16:56h

  • Pantech Burst 4:46h

The phone’s Achilles’s heel turned out to be the web browsing performance – the new G Flex2 did very disappointingly at just 6 hours – about 3 hours less than the original Flex.

Web browsing

  • Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G 16:41h

  • Samsung I9300 Galaxy S III 6:27h

  • HTC Butterfly 6:24h

  • Yota YotaPhone 2 6:23h

  • Sony Xperia SP 6:18h

  • Samsung Galaxy S III I747 6:16h

  • LG G Flex2 6:16h

  • Samsung Focus S I937 6:15h

  • HTC One SV 6:15h

  • Nokia Lumia 510 6:13h

  • Sony Xperia ZL 6:04h

  • Samsung Galaxy mini 2 S6500 6:03h

  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus I9250 3:01h

Finally, we left the G Flex2 on a looped video playback and it managed to run for 10 hours and 35 minutes before the battery dropped down to 10%. That’s half the original G Flex endurance, but still more than enough for enjoying 7 full-length movies.

Video playback

  • LG G Flex 19:57h

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 11:15h

  • Samsung Galaxy S5 mini 11:02h

  • Asus PadFone X 11:01h

  • BlackBerry Passport 10:46h

  • Samsung Galaxy Note Edge 10:41h

  • LG G Flex2 10:35h

  • HTC Desire Eye 10:35h

  • HTC Desire 816 10:34h

  • Apple iPhone 5s 10:31h

  • HTC Butterfly 2 10:26h

  • LG G2 mini 10:23h

  • Nokia Lumia 710 3:27h

The final endurance rating is above average at 62 hours – you can expect the phone to last you two and a half days on a single charge if you do an hour each of web browsing, video watching and calling a day.

You may want to check our in-depth review of the LG G Flex2 right here.

Our proprietary score also includes a standby battery draw test, which is not featured in our battery test scorecard but is calculated in the total endurance rating.

Our battery testing procedure is described in detail in case you want to learn more about it.

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