Thursday, 22 January 2015

Facebook begins clamping down on hoax news stories

In an effort to clamp down on false news appearing in your News Feed, Facebook is rolling out a new feature that’ll allow you to flag scams or false stories as hoaxes, although the company is stopping short of removing such posts, and has made it clear that it will not be reviewing content and making a determination on its accuracy.

To report a story as false, all you’ve to do is to select the relevant option (see image above) from a list that appears when you choose to hide the story. If too many people flag a post as false or choose to delete it, it will get reduced distribution in News Feed, the company says, adding that posts that receive lots of reports will be annotated with a warning that many others on Facebook have reported it.

The update, however, won’t affect the content that is clearly labeled as satire.

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