Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Facebook will show AMBER Alerts in its News Feed, on Web and mobile

Facebook will start showing AMBER Alerts to its users in their News Feeds. This will happen on both the Web and inside Facebook’s mobile apps for iOS and Android. Obviously, you’ll only see those alerts that are relevant to your location.

AMBER Alerts have been issued in the US since 1996. It’s a child abduction alert system, in case you didn’t know. So far AMBER Alerts have made it to radio and TV stations, and even digital road signs and LED billboards in some places. They are also sent via email and SMS, and have recently been expanded to appear in Google searches and in Google Maps.

And now you’ll see them in Facebook too. On mobile, the alerts won’t trigger a notification, but you will see them in your News Feed (as pictured in the image above). The alerts will include photos and other details about the missing child, and you’ll be able to share them with your friends.

Facebook says its inspiration for this move came from the fact that people were already sharing articles about missing children, and in several cases such posts on the social network actually led to the safe return of some children.


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