Wednesday, 14 January 2015

HTC takes its Sense Web browser to the Play Store for quicker updates

HTC has been adding many of the built-in apps from its Sense UI Android overlay to the Google Play Store over the past months. One by one, we’ve seen the Sense launcher, lock screen, weather app, and the camera app in the Play Store. And today the Sense Web browser joins them.

It’s called HTC Internet, for whatever reason, but make no mistake – it’s the browser that’s built into recent HTC devices.

Sure, you can use Chrome of course, but if you do actually prefer HTC’s interpretation of a mobile Web browser, then you’ll probably be happy about this move. After all, the theory behind publishing these apps to the Play Store is that HTC will thus be able to update them much faster than before, independently of the system updates it pushes to its phones (which have to be approved by Google and carriers).

HTC Internet boasts Text Reflow, which automatically adjusts text to fit the screen when you zoom in or out, as well as a download manager that lets you easily enjoy multimedia content. There’s also a Read later feature which saves articles for you – these can then be read even while offline.

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