Friday, 26 June 2015

Guardiola must win trophies to be loved - Beckenbauer

Bayern Munich
icon Franz Beckenbauer has told head coach Pep Guardiola that he must win trophies if he wants to feel loved.
The former Barcelona boss revealed earlier this week that one of his main goals in life is to be admired and revered for his work - and Beckenbauer has stressed that success is the quickest way to earn the fans' affection.
"Love is the biggest thing one can achieve. He will get the fans' love when he wins trophies," Beckenbauer was quoted as saying by TZ.
"If he does not win any silverware, which I cannot really see happening, love will become just affection."
Bayern have dominated the Bundesliga under Guardiola in the past two campaigns, securing the title well before the end of the season on both occasions, yet Beckenbauer feels they could face a tough task to maintain their hegemony in 2015-16.
"The Bundesliga will be much tigher than in the past two seasons, when Bayerrn were well on top," the World Cup winner added.
"Wolfsburg have shown that they can fight for top honours. Dortmund will be back next season. I hope Schalke will be strong once more. And then there's Bayer Leverkusen and Borussia Monchengladbach.
"There will be more contenders for the Bundesliga title."

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