Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Real Madrid should show Iker Casillas more respect insists Campo

Amid rumors that the keeper might eventually leave this summer, former Madrid defender Ivan Campo has called on Madrid to show more respect
"Too much stuff has been said about Casillas," Campo told Goal. "We have to respect Casillas. It does not matter whether Keylor stays, if De Gea comes or whether Iker stays here.
"What matters most is to show Iker the respect he deserves and then we will see what he decides. He still has an ongoing contract.
"Iker has enough respect to decide what he has to do."
Campo then went on to discuss the appointment of Rafa Benitez as the new man in charge at Madrid following Carlo Ancelotti's dismissal.
"Expectations were not met last season and the coach was fired. There is a new coach and a new project now and we will see what happens," he continued.
"The problem at Madrid is that the coach is responsible if the club does not win anything. Ancelotti remains a great coach, but this is the way things go at Madrid.
"Rafa is a Madrid man. He has been at the club many years and we hope he can help Madrid win titles again."
The former centre-back also had his say on the ongoing battle between Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.
"It is not that Messi has won the battle against Ronaldo," Campo added.
"When Barcelona win trophies, it is only logical Messi has been great and had a good season. Had it been the other way around, we would be talking about Ronaldo."

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