Monday, 12 January 2015

Element Case brings Schneider Optics to iPhone 6

Earlier this week, the California-based manufacturer of luxury smartphone accessories Element Case took the wraps off an iPhone 6 cover with interchangeable photographic lenses. Dubbed iPro 6 Trio, the case aims to make the already stellar camera of the iPhone 6 even better.

The interchangeable lenses of the iPro 6 are developed by the pro lens gurus at Schneider Optics. Available solutions include macro, wide angle, super wide, fisheye, and telephoto. The lenses attach to the iPhone 6 case via a bayonet mount.

The trio of bundled lenses with the cover will be stored in a black case. The latter will double as a handle for the iPro 6. Users will also be able to attach the iPhone 6 cover to a standard tripod.

Element Case iPro 6 Trio will be available in Q1 this year for $249 with three bundled lenses (wide angle, fisheye, and telephoto). The super wide and the macro options will be sold additionally.

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