Thursday, 11 June 2015

Finally Nigerians! Koumia Pays You for Shopping is the first Nigerian independent shopping platform that rewards you with cashback for shopping online. The website available at allows you to shop amazing products from your favourite Nigerian online retailers through its platform and in turn rewards you with cashback for shopping.

Cashback is a shopping term that rewards you with a certain percentage of your money spent on buying a particular item. That is, you spend and at the same time you are being rewarded with money. launched in March is a platform that allows you shop through to your favourite Nigerian online retailers and at the same time, you get rewarded upon redemption of your order. That means that, if you buy from Konga through, you would be returned a certain amount you spent buying the product. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Speaking about the start-up, founders, Abdel Aziz and Patrick said that the platform is a move to rewarding the faithfulness of Nigerian online shoppers who had given hope to ecommerce future in Africa. “The shoppers deserve more and Koumia is here to afford them an opportunity to earn alongside spending online.” Patrick added. This platform should be a point to start shopping for wise internet shoppers.

Speaking on how it works, Azeez who doubles as the CTO said that the interface is very simple to use as you only needs to register and login to start shopping. The platform has on its page aggregated products from partnering Nigeria online retailers.
A user can keep track of his earnings right from the dashboard and request for pay-out anytime he wants. Payment is normally through bank transfer or wired. 

Adding further about how knows when a user completes a transaction on a retailer's page, Azeez said that the platform has tracking enabled. All users' activities are tracked on the site to a retailer’s site. Once a user completes an order, the retailer sends notification and the user would be returned a certain amount of the money spent, this would reflect on the user’s dashboard on

Also speaking about the interval before the user gets cash back, he said that it depends on the partnering retailer. It is normally between few minutes of transaction completion to a day as the retailer needs to alert Koumia of your order completion which normally takes place offline.
http://koumia.comwhich has awesome aggregated items ranging from electronics, fashion, books, beverages and lots more from your favourite Nigerian online retailers could pay your next shopping bill. Start shopping through http://koumia.comto save foryour nextshopping bill.

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