Monday, 1 June 2015

LIB reader says her husband remarried without properly divorcing her, shares wedding pics with new wife

LIB is the voice of the voiceless and people who want to share their stories with This LIB reader says her estranged husband committed bigamy by marrying another woman without properly divorcing her. (these are photos of the man and his new bride) What she sent in below...
The essence of this story is for girls to do proper investigations on any  man they wish to marry. Especially if they returned from the States. Get your parents to do search down to the village. Please don't wave their VALID concerns a way. A Nigerian proverb will say "What an Old man will see sitting a young man can never see standing.
I got married when  I was 22 and he was was just a little older at 24. We lived in the Northern part of Nigeria  (Zaria). We have 2 boys and when the last was about a year I won American lottery we both moved to the states.

Bellow is a snap shot of the message he sent to our son. He got married last 2 weekend neither his parents attended the traditional nor the white wedding which was held in Makurdi christian center and. Court was done in Abuja.

He claims he has filed and gotten a divorce in Nigeria. Anything is possible in Nigeria where the system isn't as advanced as the USA. But I know that if you where to get a divorce legally (without egunje) in Nigeria it will require my signature.

I have no doubt that the lady he married is a victim because he is pathological liar and a fraud.
Please ask him why he hasn't entered America again after being whisked away by EFCC for duping his friend and trying to flee Nigeria. Why he hurriedly and secretly got married without coming to collect the back bride price according to the traditional rites. How is it possible to get a divorce legally in court since I still have court marriage certificate with me and hasn't signed any papers. I want the divorce to be done properly and for him to support his children according to law.

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