Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Nigeria will remain an indivisible country-BUHARI

President Muhammadu Buhari who spoke in Johannesburg, South Africa while meeting with the Nigerian community yesterday said that those he regarded as ‘strong men’  have destroyed institutions in Nigeria but promised that his administration would do its best to ensure that it is restored.
Then at the African Union meeting, the president said in spite of what  he described as ‘crazy people’ who are trying to ensure the breakup of the country for selfish reasons, Nigeria will remain an indivisible country.

His said
“We have a system in Nigeria. No matter what you say about the British colonialists, they built institutions for us, unfortunately we have destroyed those institutions.

President Buhari stated that though he would have liked to be president at a much younger age, he would still do his best to ensure that the country moves forward.

In regards to why he joined politics, President Buhari said
“I was afraid Nigeria might be like Somalia. The Somalis are the same people, they are all Muslims but because the elite are self-centered, they have succeeded in making Somalia a war-torn country for the last 20 years. “For that reason I said Nigerians are much more vulnerable, we have so many nationalities no matter how you look at it, Hausa-Fulanis, Kanuris, Ishekiris, Yorubas, Igbos. 
We are actually people of different cultures but since 1914, we have merged inspite of religion and culture, married across, produced children and only crazy people can think of balkanising Nigeria. But we are not short of crazy people and that is the frightening part of it.
“How I wish I became head of state when I was a governor, just a few years as a youngman, now at 72, there is a limit  to what I can do. I was in the war front for 30 months during our civil war, I lost a lot of loyal people to me, I lost a relative,  a lot of Nigerians died too. So nobody should come now and tell us rubbish! We are going to remain one country. God has given us another opportunity to reorganise this country. Those who work hard, the society will pay them back” he said.
While enjoining Nigerians in South Africa to be good ambassadors of Nigeria, he promised that he will discuss with President Zuma to return Nigeria’s money that was seized from South Africa during the Jonathan administration.

“I’m told there are 83 Nigerians in prison, I don’t know what they have done but I spoke to the President of South Africa this afternoon. He wants to come to Nigeria. There are issues he knows we will like to talk about, I hope our ambassador will send a comprehensive report about the court cases, and about those who lost properties during the disturbances. And at that time I will attempt to ask him about our $9.7 million which was not correctly transfered.


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