Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Rotten Lemon Awards: Now you can nominate companies who deserve a basket of Rotten Lemons

We flipped the traditional awards model and will give poor service providers the “Worst Brand Award”, but we need your feedback to do it. You have suffered bad services for too long, now you can be the judge and the jury! Here are the categories to nominate brands for: 

1. Of all the airlines in Nigeria, what company should be crowned the worst? Click here http://goo.gl/XJzihG   to nominate them. 

2.      When you hear poor mobile phone network, horrible internet data, etc. what company comes to mind? Nominate the worst telecomscompany here http://goo.gl/AXKKf0
3.      You have the right to name the worst bank. Go to http://goo.gl/qLyhUC  now to nominate the worst bank in Nigeria!
4.      Mention that company that never fulfills its promises at http://ift.tt/1FYUMub

To know more about the Rotten Lemon Awards, report any company (Bank, Airline, Telecoms, Hospital, E-commerce etc.) or nominate them for a Worst Award, go here http://ift.tt/1FYUMub . Follow Rotten Lemon on Twitter @RottenLA to join in the action and see more companies get nominated for “Worst Awards”.

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