Saturday, 6 June 2015

Seeing your Loved one in a Medical emergency can be horrifying... Feeling helpless is worse

Did you know that 80% of Nigerian adults would pour water on an unconscious patient in order to wake him up? This is totally wrong… 

Did you know that 86% of Nigerian adults would give water to someone that is choking while eating in order to stop the choking? This is ridiculous… 

Did you also know that over 70% of adults in Nigeria would put spoon or stick in the mouth of someone convulsing in order to save him from dying? This is Laughable…

Finally, did you know that over 65% of the adults in Nigeria would rub palm oil or engine oil on someone who has suffered from burns? This is amazing…

Almost everyday in Nigeria, people slump at homes, schools, offices, markets etc and die simply because the people around do not have the necessary Emergency medical care / First Aid skills required to resuscitate and keep them alive till they get to the nearest hospitals. And unfortunately in Nigeria, there is almost no Paramedic care for medical emergencies.

Studies have shown that quite a number of patients with medical emergencies brought to the hospitals die within the first 24 hrs from the time of the accident (3.6% dead on arrival) and most of the deaths are due to late presentation or due to poor First Aid care they received before Medical help arrives.

Based on all these findings, Golden Hour Medics was formed in order to help reduce the number of deaths as a result of inadequate First Aid care people receive immediately after an accident from the people around. Our First Aid training will enable you stay prepared in the event of any common medical emergency. Our team is made up of well trained and experienced Medical Doctors, Nurses, and Paramedics in Emergency Medical Services. We are a member of the Nigerian Red Cross Society with foreign affiliations.

We shall train you on how to manage the following medical emergencies:
  • Unconsciousness without breathing … CPR (Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation),
  • Choking while eating,
  • Sudden seizure in adults & children,
  • Ingestion of poisonous or toxic substances,
  • Dislocation and fractures,
  • Burns (electric, flames, steam and chemical burns),
  • Bleeding from cuts and stabs,
  • Animal bites & stings,
  • Head injuries etc
We shall also educate you on the importance of healthy living (regular exercise and eating healthy) and routine health checks.

Our training can be done at the comfort of your Office/School/Home or at any of our training centers around you. Our training is quite practical and comes with videos to enable our clients remember the skills with ease.

We train:
-          Parents – in case their children or spouses have a medical emergency at homes,
-          Older children – in case their younger siblings or parents have a medical emergency,
-          School Teachers – in case their students have a medical emergency while in school,
-          Nannies & Caregivers – in case the children they look after have a medical emergency,
-          Corporate employees (eg Corporate guards, Restaurant staff, Airline staff, Commercial bus drivers, Hotel staff etc)  – in case any of their client, passenger or guest have a medical emergency.
Our other services include:
-          Home consultation & follow up for the chronically sick and elderly,
-          Medical tourism to Asia, Europe, America & South Africa,
-          Sick bay establishment & management for corporate organizations,
-          Weight management,
-          Fertility advice…
You can contact us through:
-     Phone:     09035860565, 08082888849
-     Email:  ,
-     Website:
-     BB pin:          2B26F37D

Our Office is @ 13C Tola Adewunmi Close, Maryland, Lagos  (With Medical Training teams in different parts of the Country)

Ignorance is one major reason Nigerians die carelessly from avoidable deaths. Well, not surprising when most people take pictures on witnessing an emergency rather than apply themselves to save a life.

Medical emergencies can happen to anybody, anywhere, anytime……
Get Trained…..Stay prepared…..Save A LIFE…..

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