Thursday, 18 June 2015

Taraji P. Henson shades her Empire co-stars

Or maybe she wasn't refering to them? Read the story and judge for yourself. Earlier this year, her Empire co-stars Trai Byers who plays her son, Andre Lyon and Grace Gealey, who plays her rival, Anika Calhoun, began openly dating after meeting on set. In a new interview, it looked like Taraji low key shaded their azzez..

In a recent interview, Taraji called dating co-stars unprofessional, telling Allure Magazine,

"I started in the business at 26 with a kid, so I was smart enough to know reality from fantasy. I didn't want to blur the lines. This is a job that I have to do. I cannot get caught up in it. And if I sleep with these guys, why would they want to work with me again?" 
"Why wouldn't they? [Because] the conquest is up. Now I'm just used-up p***y."

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