Tuesday, 12 May 2015

"A Flawless Bride"

A wedding is one of the most profound days in a woman’s life. It is also one of the most celebrated events in Nigeria. Most Nigerians attend weddings to stare at the bride and eat the food than they do to celebrate the marital union, and you can’t deny the warm sensation you feel when you see the bridal train, the little bride, or even just a decorated car passing by with that ‘getting married’ sign where their car plate number should be. 

You start looking around for the main character in that scenario, the one person who will complete that feeling of hope and love already sparking in you – The bride. Yes, weddings are undeniably beautiful and the bride will always be the star of her wedding. What better way to ensure that a bride is looking and feeling her very best than with Shape You’s Bridal Corset? Not only will she be wearing the dress of her dreams, she has nothing to fear with folds, creases or even her dress shifting or splitting at any point. She’ll be confident, happy, and comfortably held on her special day. Her bridal train should not be left out. In fact no woman should be left out at a wedding. Every woman can have stunning curves on this special day that finally awakens men to the concept of love and romance. Well, arm up and get a Shape You waist trainer today!  

For enquires you can visit our website at www.shapeyou.com.ng or contact our experts for the right options for your body type, on the following BBM and WhatsApp details below.

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