Monday, 18 May 2015

Access Bank is winning with their new recruitment style

People are calling it the most exciting bank recruitment exercise in Nigeria. And they are not far from the truth. Go to the site before 10am and you’ll see a timer counting down to the next ‘window’. But between 10:00and 10:10am everyday, from now till June 10, 2015, prospective applicants are granted Access to the bank’s ‘1010’ portal, where they are required to answer one puzzling question. 

Those who answer correctly are taken to another page where they can apply for the job by uploading their CV. It's actually that simple. 

Those who do not answer correctly are given a chance to take the test two more times, although you can only take the test once a day. 


According to our source at Access Bank, the recruitment portal got so many hits that it crashed the first two days. They fixed it though, and since then, thousands have taken the test, and uploaded their CVs.  
Access Bank could have done the recruitment the normal way, but I guess they’re taking this #TakeTomorrow drive seriously by making their recruitment process futuristic, different, fun, transparent and open.
So, if you’re smart and you think you’re good enough to work in one of Africa’s leading banks, Click here and get your dream job!

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