Friday, 22 May 2015

Africa's Young Entrepreneur extends AYEEN 2015 registration window

The international organisation and organisers of the program AYEEN2015 have decided to extend registration window and introduce other registration category due to request from their members. Entrepreneurs in Nigeria that has shown a great interest in the program have placed several phone calls and emails to the organisation headquarters in Johannesburg South Africa for the extension of their registration deadline which was initially set for the 11th may 2015.


The International Investors indicated that there is huge room for businesses and entrepreneurs to benefit from this year’s program and encourages them to complete their registration on time .

To complete your registration and for the new categories click:

Bill Gibson , Canada's number 1 international business speaker invites Nigerian entrepreneurs to attend the upcoming networking with the giants conference in June at the Lagos Oriental Hotel in Victoria Island . Bill who is a world renowned speaker and highly celebrated in the United State and Canada, a successful entrepreneur and author of " Boost your business in any economy" . In a period of 5 years Bill’s Canadian companies graduated over 5000 business owners and executives from the 8 – 10 month Business Owner Development Program. Some businesses had increased sales as much as 300% in ten months.

 Bill will be attending the conference with other business giants from
all across Africa, aside from the empowerment program and business
auditions there would be networking opportunities , Dinner and photo
sessions with the giants and many more . The Event which is to take
place from the 4th -6th of june will attract thousands of entrepreneurs
and hundreds of business moguls ,an opportunity for people with
businesses and those aspiring to become successful entrepreneurs. Below
are other benefits for participants


-All participants will benefit from an opportunity to be placed on
our Web Business Campaign (WBC), an online platform to showcase your
business to thousands of investors across the globe.

- All participants will receive a free business skills training and
mentoring by A.Y.E which will include business plan and proposal

- All participants will get a free webinar session with one of
America's finest social media expert (Mandi Susman).

- A.Y.E will give support to participants requiring international
business expansion through their respective embassies

- Free Associate membership for all attendees.

- All participants will receive the A.Y.E business recognition
certificate which will serve as endorsement to enhance and facilitate
amongst other members.

- Free business websites for all participants

- Selected entrepreneurs will receive full funding for their business

- Businesses that have shown innovation and profitability will benefit
from an all-expense paid trip to Ottawa Canada on a two-weeks business
skills training program.

- Networking opportunity and pictures with the business giants and
speakers from all over Africa.

For more information visit or

twitter : @AYEorganisation . Facebook : Africa's Young Entrepreneurs

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