Wednesday, 20 May 2015

GEJ calls on global community to support Buhari the way he's been supported

President Jonathan today called on the global community to show president-elect, Buhari the same amount of support shown him. He made the call when he received members of the African Ambassadors Group in Abuja today May 20th.

"The President-elect is not new to governance in Africa ​,​ so I want you to show the same commitment to him as you have to me. The President-elect knows that our commitment is always to project Africa. I am urging you to extend the same warmth and solidarity you have shown to me to him,’’ he said.
President Jonathan in his remarks stated that he decided to concede defeat because of his commitment to always put the country first before his personal ambition. According to him, a country must exist first before a President can rule.
"I have been involved in solving many problems in African countries for more than five years and I know the enormity and cost of conflicts, especially on the citizenry. We cannot afford that in Nigeria. If we were to have a political conflict in Nigeria, I am not sure the sub-region will be able to accommodate our citizens. My commitment is to always put the country before my personal ambition and that is what I have demonstrated. I believe that character matters in leadership. And it is not just about who becomes the president of a country, but somebody has to be there and the person needs the support of all to succeed. I made a choice to keep the country away from conflict. I have always advised other African leaders that we will need to have a country before we can have the ambition to become presidents. We don’t have to expose our people to deaths because we want to stay in power. Some people hold on to power, may be, for fear of the unknown,’’ he said

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