Thursday, 14 May 2015

RuPaul squeezes Amber Rose's butt to confirm it's real

Amber Rose was on celebrity drag queen's show, Rupaul's, Good work this week and was asked by Rupaul if he could touch her butt to feel if it was real or fake. She said it was 100% natural and consented to him touching her butt".
When Rupaul reached out to squeeze her butt, Amber Rose quickly helped him. "You've gotta lift it like that," the model instructed, giving her bum a lift and a shake.
"This s--- is real. This case is closed! I love it," RuPaul concluded.
Amber also stated that she has natural size H breasts that were kinda perfect but may do some plastic surgery to the side of her breasts that she didn't like, but was advised against it. Why mend something that's not broken..

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