Monday, 25 May 2015

The amazing Calorad story from Timmie Duncan - USA

This is the amazing real life story of Timmie Duncan to inspire all who have weight challenges and all Calorad users to never ever give up. Timmie was born in Toledo, Ohio in the US and somehow found himself to be extremely fat, (not sure how he got there), but whether eating habit, lifestyle or genetics most of us have similar challenges. Above is Timmie before Calorad. See him less than a year with Calorad after the cut...

He literally became obsessed and depressed that he had no life. His life was like a prison for him. His situation was so bad that he had sleep apnoea (not able to breathe when sleeping and had to be given oxygen and a special helmet to aid his sleep), doctors gave him less than a year to live.  He heard a commercial on radio about the collagen based weight loss supplement CALORAD and decided to act, stop putting it off and act now. CALL 08185400000 NOW

The result was amazing, he lost 104.5kg overall and lost 56 inches off his waist alone and  also had a tremendous reduction of his stomach. The picture above shows a rejuvenated Timmie Duncan and the blue shirt he wore the first day he started using Calorad. 

The biggest lie I ever heard for people who want to lose weight is; I WOULD START WORKING ON IT TOMORROW. Stop lying to yourself and act now, because with Calorad you do not have to diet or exercise to reduce weight. You also do not have to be afraid of any side effects because it's been tried and tested for both efficacy and safety for more than 30 years since it was invented in Canada.

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