Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Gold Bag That Caused Wahala....

A popular celebrity actress turned musician went to a shop called @theperfectbagng. Unknown to her there was a sale going on at the store that day. As she walked around she spotted a lady with a unique Gold bag, and she wanted it desperately. She wandered around the shop hoping the lady would drop the bag. When that didn’t happen she thought to herself, I can't let her leave this shop with that bag, I just have to have it.

So She walked up close to the lady and slipped her phone into the ladies bag and then acted like her phone was missing. She went up to the store attendant in panic saying her phone was stolen, and asked that the door should be locked and everyone searched. Being a popular actress the store attendant immediately locked the door and the search began. The phone was found in the bag of the lady where the celeb actress had slipped it in.

The woman yelled in astonishment, saying she dint know how it got in her bag. After much talk she dropped the gold bag she wanted to purchase and was about to leave the store in embarrassment. Instantly the managers door swung open and he stopped her from walking out. The manager looked at the celebrity actress in anger saying; I saw what you did on our surveillance camera. I will like you to let us know why you decided to frame this innocent lady.

The celeb actress known for her controversial behaviour stuttered in shame. I really liked the bag and I dint know how to ask her for it because it seemed she had her mind set on buying it. She quickly apologized to the innocent lady and offered to buy the bag for her instead. The lady was relieved to know she wasn't looked upon as a thief anymore.

Being a nice person she accepted the apology and got her bag paid for by the actress. As she walked out the door she looked over at the celebrity actress and said, you may want to check the last shelf in the corner there is a last piece of this same bag at the bottom.

She grinned, whipped her hair and walked off. The store attendant then walked up to the actress saying; Madam next time check out our website, we update it every two weeks with new stock, that way you can be the first to get our exclusive pieces as they are usually limited per style. The actress thanked her in embarrassment, paid for her bag and walked out.

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