Friday, 8 May 2015

Unlawful detention of two sisters

Just got this sad email from a LIB reader. Things like this just make me so sad. Read below...
There is an ongoing case of 2 young ladies (19 years and 24 years old) about to be locked up in Kirikiri because the older girl 'dared' to fight back when a self proclaimed rich woman assaulted her (pushed around and slapped her). The said rich woman - one Mummy Ada- locked both girls up at the Ogudu police Station overnight and have now taken them to court. They have put hand cuffs on the girls as if they are criminals when all they did was defend themselves. The girls (Chienyenwa and Obiajuru) are presently at a court in Ogudu now and they have been asked to pay N40k now else they will be taken to Kirikiri and locked up! Their father is running around now looking to raise this money.
This is so unfair and if the oppressed father was well to do, he would have been the one filing a suit against the woman for slapping his daughter around. I need you to help broadcast this please.
The DPO of Ogudu Police Station is Mrs Chioma Ajunwa (Olympic gold medalist) for Nigeria.
Will bring details about this story later. Once they have sorted the girls' bail. I've spoken to their dad.

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