Friday, 26 December 2014

I'vehad enough, get used to the bench Balotelli!: Liverpool boss Balotelli

After 17 games with no goal nor assist in the premier league this season. Rogers can't be faulted for this tough decision. Speaking with reporters during an interview, he said.

“We’re at our best when our game is aggressive,” he told reporters of the 3-4-3 system. “So for us it was about trying to find the solution to get back that intensity and tempo to our game, which is critical in terms of how we work.

"That’s key, that real aggressive pressure at the top end of the field. The players are starting to adapt and performances will get better and better.”

The Northern Irishman, though, realises Balotelli may not be able to contribute: “We have seen it’s not really his game. Working with him for the period of time he’s been here we have seen that he’s probably someone who’s better in and around the box.

“That level of intensity and pressing isn’t part of his game. But you try to get the best out of the players you have and the qualities they have. So that’s something we will focus on. The most important thing is he is now available and adds another player to the squad.”

It appears now that SuperMario will have to accept his back up role

“It’s something he would have to get used to,” he added. “If the team is going to need him from the bench then it’s something he would have to become adjusted to. It’s the same for every single player, not just him. When called upon, whether it’s to start a game or come off the bench, you ask your players to be ready.”

Yet another failure?

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