Monday, 8 December 2014

Jolla Tablet passes $1.5 million in funding, gets 128GB microSD support

Last week, Jolla updated its extremely successful crowdfunding campaign for its first tablet by adding a few “stretch goals”. Once reached, each of these would enable a new feature for the Jolla Tablet.

The first milestone was at $1.5 million raised, and that has now been passed. So this effectively means that the Jolla Tablet will support microSDHC cards up to 128GB in capacity.

Previously, the tablet was only supposed to take in cards with a maximum space of 32GB. The next stretch goal will provide a split-screen multitasking mode for Jolla’s Sailfish OS installed on the tablet, if the campaign raises $1.75 million. At the rate things are going, this doesn’t seem impossible to reach.

However, the third stretch goal might be more difficult to achieve – $2.5 million and there will be a 3G version of the tablet for just a $30 premium compared to the Wi-Fi-only model. Since there are only five days left in Jolla’s campaign, it seems pretty unlikely that this will happen. Still, this has been one of the most successful crowdfunding events in recent memory, with the initial goal having been $380,000 and the $1 million mark being crossed in two days.

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