Friday, 5 December 2014

New photo of Ubuntu-powered Meizu MX4 emerges

Last week we mentioned that the release of an Ubuntu Touch version of the Meizu MX4 is now tantalizingly close. We should be seeing the new OS on the already familiar handset some time, early next year. Today we received an email with a new photo, showing the smartphone and what appears to be the Ubuntu Touch menu. It seems that everything is finally coming together and the agitating wait for OEMs to pick up Canonical's mobile OS might be nearing to a close. Meizu MX4 powered by Ubuntu Touch The grand finale has all the right ingredients to shake the mobile world and bring about a new hybrid environment trend. All we can do now is patiently wait through the final stretch, before the special Meizu MX4 hits global markets and see if Ubuntu Touch proves to be the next game...

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