Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Savelli Ruby Limited Edition is a luxury $57,500 Android smartphone for women

After showcasing an exquisite Apple device yesterday it is only natural to give high-rolling Android fans a fair portion of attention. Geneva-based jeweler Savelli has apparently rolled out its second line of luxury smartphones, after entering the market last year with its $244,000 Emerald Night handset.

For this year’s offering the company has teamed up with colored gemstone miner Gemfields to bring users a new collection, named Savelli Ruby Limited Edition. It consists of two works of art that are more or less a budget-friendly solution in comparison to the company’s previous flagship.

First on the lineup we have Savelli Ruby Mystery, which comes with an 18 carat white gold casing with 395 brilliant-cut rubies. The back of the device is made of stainless steel and rubberized alligator leather. The company is limiting availability to 20 pieces with a price tag of $35,600, which, to continue the trend is just about enough to buy you a 2014 Audi A4.

If that is not nearly exquisite enough for your taste the company is also offering a Ruby Passion. It features 144 brilliant-cut diamonds along with red alligator leather. There are 8 units available priced at $57,500, which coincidentally is just enough for a hybrid Mercedes E-Class and green is the future after all.

As with the previous smartphone generation by Savelli, the new models will rub Android, but other that, not much is clear about their hardware. But before you flood their webpage keep in mind that the official unveiling is set for January 2015. Until then we are simply forced to play the waiting game and stick with last year’s outdated model.

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