Friday, 5 December 2014

Watch: Shocking Moment A Woman Is Punched In The Face By A Fellow Contestant In A Competition To Win A Car

A man who lost his cool during a TV game show dashed a female fellow contestant to the floor before smacking her in the face in a sudden and unpleasant outburst. The bikini-clad victim was left bleeding and sobbing after the sudden attack, which was filmed as part of a television programme broadcast across Russia.

The rule of the competition stipulates that contestants must keep their hands on the prize for as long as possible. If they let go they lose their place in the competition, while the last person touching the prize wins. Continue...

Apparently the show began a little bit late and contestants where already feeling unpleasant. The particular lady who was attacked had held a high-heel shoe flaunting it at her soon to be attacker. She spoke in Russia cursing and disturbing him and other contestants and even though he warned her to stop, she refused and hit him in the head with the shoe. The obviously provoked man went straight to her, pulled her by her hair and slammed her on the floor. Not done, he cruelly bends over her puts his left hand on her shoulder and, with his right, slaps her hard in the face. Her nose got broken before the presenter came to her rescue.

People who watched the video have however condemned the man’s action, but some feel we should get real and anyone would have done what the man did to stop her from hitting him further. Hear them;

'He asked her multiple times to stop. She was hitting him, and others in the show multiple times, also spitting, cursing, etc. He just snapped, like most others would,' a commenter wrote.

'She was antagonizing everyone on that set. Spitting on them, cursing at them, hitting them with shit, slapping them. The guy that ended up throwing her to the ground and punching her kept his cool the entire time until this point. Prior to throwing her down he had repeatedly asked her to stop, but she persisted,' another one said.

But a particular commenter feels regardless of what she has done, his behaviour was out of order.

'He broke her nose because she touched his face with a shoe? And you people think that's a normal reaction? Let's say that's your mother or sister or girlfriend. Would you still say she deserved to get her nose broken?' she wrote.

Do you think what the male contestant did was right?

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