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Sam Faiers on settling down with her new man, 'player' Mark Wright and her 'rollercoaster' romance with Joey Essex

Her former relationship with Joey Essex has taken precedence as she continues to promote a surprisingly candid autobiography chronicling their stop-start three year romance.
But while the drafting of new book Secrets and Lies prompted her to rake over old ground by documenting the highs and lows of an often difficult past with her ex-boyfriend, Sam Faiers insists she has greater cause for optimism in the present.
Speaking to MailOnline, the former TOWIE star admits she's already looking ahead to the prospect of settling down and starting a family with her new man, businessman and property developer Paul Day.
Candid: Sam Faiers was talking to MailOnline as she continues to promote her new autobiography, Secrets and Lies
'I've always wanted kids - I love babies,' she said. 'I think I've always been broody. I look forward to the day when I feel settled enough to start a family.' 
For now, Sam is happy to practice her baby handling skills with ten-month old niece Nellie - older sister Billie's first child with fiancé Greg Shepherd. 
'I adore Nellie so much, I love her to bits,' she added. 'Right now it's so nice having a niece and being able give her back. One day I would like to start a family - but not now.' 
Here she is: Sam was promoting her new book during an appearance at ITV studios in London on Wednesday morning 
The 24-year-old starting dating Paul, who is two-years her senior, last November - shortly after her relationship with Joey came to a definite end.
Reflecting on the sudden nature of her new romance, Sam insists embarking on another relationship was not in her immediate plans following the painful split with her former co-star.
'Everyone said "You're so young, stay single and play the field for a while" and that was my full intention,' she said. 
'I didn't expect to meet anyone; I wanted to get back to being me, particularly after such an on-off relationship. I suppose they say it happens when you're not looking for it. 
Former flame: Sam adopts a regretful tone when pressed on ex-boyfriend Joey Essex - the focal point of her new autobiography
'It's nice that he's s bit older than me, but the main thing is we both enjoy the same interests. There's quite a lot of banter.' 
Clearly animated, Sam adopts a regretful tone when pressed on Joey - the focal point of her new autobiography.  
'When we were good we were really good,' she said. 'When I look back at our relationship I would describe it as a romantic roller coaster. We both enjoyed the same food and holidays, but when it was bad it was so bad.
'We let everyone else get involved at times and we let the pressures of work tear us apart when really we could have been strong. Obviously it wasn't right and we weren't right for each other.'
Stop-start romance: The couple, who met while cast-members on the hit ITVBe show, originally ended their relationship in June 2013 - six months before Joey's appearance on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
She added: 'The thing that irritated me the most throughout our relationship was that everyone was allowed to have an opinion - Joey's family, pretty much every TOWIE cast member - everyone had an opinion but me. This is my time to write my own book and tell the truth.' 
The couple, who met while cast-members on the hit ITVBe show, originally ended their relationship in June 2013 - six months before Joey's appearance on I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!
They would rekindle their romance the following year as his career took off with his very own show, Educating Joey Essex.
But looking back, Sam admits it was a mistake. 
Player: But Sam insists Mark Wright has settled down now he's found 'the one' in fiancée Michelle Keegan 
She said: 'Last time we got back together it didn't work out - I think we were trying to save something that wasn't there. Sometimes love isn't enough. 
'He was on the other side of the world filming his show and I was at home. Then when we were together it's like we weren't appreciating that time together. We just grew quite far apart.' 
The reality TV star adopts a forthright stance regarding another ex-boyfriend, Mark Wright, who she brands 'a player' in her latest book.  
'He was a young good looking guy on a TV show,' she said. 'Everyone knew Mark Wright. Him and his group of mates were the boys about town.' 
Coming soon: Secrets and Lies: The truth behind the headlines by Sam Faiers is available in hardback (£14.99), as an e-book and as an audio book read by Denise van Outen from April 23 
The reality star turned presenter is now preparing to wed actress Michelle Keegan, and Sam admits the former Coronation Street star may well have tamed him. 
'I've always thought that he's a real family guy at heart. It's all about finding that right person and now he's found the one, he's settled.
She added: 'It's refreshing to see because playboys will always be playboys but there's proof in the pudding that they can fall in love and settle down.' 

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