Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Floyd Mayweather was fortunate to beat Manny Pacquiao as Game should have been a draw and then have a re-match

These were the final tallies of the three official judges, all in favour of Mayweather: Glenn Feldman 116-112. Burt Clements 116-112. Dave Moretti 118-110
These are the website tallies, calibrated round-by-round according to punches thrown, punches landed, the score for each round, with Mayweather’s stats first:
The conclusions here include:
1) The fight was far closer than the judges, especially Moretti, and most pundits perceived
2) Many rounds were exceptionally difficult if not too close to call.

3) The punch stats as counted in the heat of the night are profoundly suspect (one US commentator who had Pacquaio winning asked if they were compiled by ‘kids from the HBO and Showtime offices’ and was told ‘Yes.’)
4) Pacquiao’s claim that he had won the fight was reasonable, not outrageous as the in-ring interviewer implied.
5) If watching on television, maybe better to mute the sound commentary.
6) Mayweather is very wise to keep insisting on home-town advantage in Las Vegas, which benefits from the huge economic impact of his fights.
Mayweather pumps his chest after the judges deem him the winner of his fight against Pacquiao 

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