Thursday, 4 December 2014

Dear LIB readers: It will not be better for some men

Ewo! Choi. The curses were so much I had to edit some out..:-). From a female LIB reader

My sisters husband just sent her packing from their home. It will not be better for him and other useless men like him. After eight years and three children, he sent her packing because he saw some texts on her phone from another man. So a married woman should not have male friends? This is the same useless bastard who has girlfriends all over Abuja. A nincompoop that has kept two mistresses for the past two years but because he thinks my sister is cheating on him, he asked her to leave his house but kept their children. He even withdrew the car he bought for her and locked her boutique and asked the security not to allow her in the premises. All this based on suspicion and hearsay. All you men that are not fair to your significant others God will punish all of you. Unfortunately this country doesn't side with women in domestic issues like this but we are taking the matter to God and this man and all men like him will start to feel the wrath of God. Oloshi people!

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