Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Dog Buried In Ikeja Amidst Pageantry (Pictured)

A male Alsatian dog popularly known as Dr. Papilo has got a befitting burial in Lagos. Though Papilo died last month, his burial arrangement was moved to last Saturday where the dog was buried amidst affluence and pageantry. A service of songs was held for him, an army band played at the funeral with gunshots as a sign of last respect for him while a condolence register was also opened for him at his owner’s resident.

The owner of the dog who owns an hotel in Lagos said the death of his dog who has been with him for 15years is quiet painful. Hear him;

“My wife and I stayed together for some time without a child. Suddenly, people started calling us Papa and Mama Papilo. The dog travelled with me to Jos and Maiduguri. While in Maiduguri, it was trained and used to hunt bombers. It was a unique dog. In the real sense, it was my first child. When I lost Papilo, I felt sad the same way I felt when I lost my wife. The dog was just too close to me.

“Papilo confronted armed robbers some time ago and gave one of them a serious injury. The robber could not runfurther, and was later caught by the police. Everybody knew Papilo in this area. I am missing the dog, and the other six dogs at the hotel are also missing Papilo because it was like their father. Here, we treat dogs like human beings. We give them the best food you could think of,” he said.

The dog was buried in a 4-feet grave decorated with roses in its owner’s hotel in Ikeja after the burial ceremony which took place at Oshifila street in Ikeja.

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