Monday, 1 December 2014

Photos: Driver allegedly killed by police in Agbor, Delta state

All these allegations...I'd rather you just read directly from the source. Below is a mail I received from a LIB reader...

"I would like you to help me publish a news on your blog about a driver that was killed by some police men yesterday in Agbor, Delta state. The driver works with APACO foam industry, Agbor. On his way back to the company from where he went to dispatch goods‎ in kwale with his colleague, he ran into some police men with the vehicle "Abavo police patrol " who stopped then at check point but he didn't stop. The police men chased them from Abavo town to agbor, exactly in front of the APACO foam industry.

The story continues after the cut...but be warned there are some graphic pics too...

The driver realized the police men were coming towards their vehicle, so he ran out of the vehicle out of fear, his colleague didn't run. Only for the police to shoot at him three times though he was still running with the bullet in his body. So the police men took the other colleague to their station and took about 700 thousand they were supposed to return to the company. Meanwhile the police didn't know the driver they shot had died already. We woke up yesterday morning to find the driver's corpse on the road side. The case is being taken to the state CID asaba already and the police men has been arrested. The name of the driver is tochukwu okafor and the colleague Nnamdi Akamefuna. Here is the picture of the late driver and photo of the colleague (above).

The late driver is just 33yrs old with six children.‎ How can a police man be this evil.

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