Friday, 31 July 2015

Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez: I want to be handsome when celebrating a goal

Alexis Sanchez is known for his tireless work rate, sharp eye for goal and... his looks?
Maybe not, but that apparently hasn’t stopped the Arsenal forward from trying to look his best whenever he finds the net.Speaking at an event in Santiago organised by Gillette to celebrate Chile’s Copa America triumph, Alexis delivered the following classic to an excited crowd of fans.

”When I started to shave I had no money to buy a Gillette, but now they give me them, I try to shave before matches so I can be handsome when celebrating a goal. I recommend it to all men who are here. And all the women too,” he was quoted as saying by La Tercera.
Move over, Olivier Giroud. You’ve got some competition.

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